How does your city feel?

We recognised a gap between the urban environment and You. The modern world and its architecture are sometimes designed to be visually stunning and technologically advanced, but not designed around your sensuous bodies that inhabit it.
And we decided to change that.

The Urban Yoga is rewriting the way urban environment is communicated. It is unlocking its power by focusing on your connection to space, which you forge with your senses, measure, movement, and rituals of your bodies.
If Yoga brings you back in touch with your body, mind and soul, The Urban Yoga takes you one step further.
It brings you back in touch with your living and working environment:

We are happy and successful if we are in touch with ourselves as well as with our surroundings.

Through The Urban Yoga workshops, exhibitions, lectures, photo series, books and videos, we focus on what matters most:
the urban environment and its architecture that talks to all of your senses at once, initiates your social and self awareness and empowers you to reflect upon your (creative) tasks in an innovative and inspiring way.