The Mind-Body-Space Relationship

Anja Humljan is an architect committed to a holistic exploration of space, employing her further skills in mindfulness, yoga, and performance. Years of working across Southeast Asia, Europe, Australia, and the USA, gave her an insight into how challenging it is to live a healthy and meaningful life in the city.

Contemporary urban environments are either sensory-overwhelming or sensory-depleting, causing physical, mental and emotional stress leading to exhaustion, depression, and illness. Anja has dedicated 17 years of transdisciplinary work to the mind-body-space relationship and has developed two novel methods: The Urban Yoga and The Spatial Experiencing .

Anja Humljan, the Founder and Managing Director, is passionate about awakening the very best in clients, helping them to uncover a comprehensive understanding of themselves, the world around them, and their placement within it using body as a cognitive toolkit. She described her work over the past years in the book The Urban Yoga.