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Together with Miele we decided to take time and balance our busy schedules by awakening and feeding our senses. We took our guests on an unforgettable adventure into a sensory and sensual world. We gave them the experience of tasting delicious food through sensory meditation.

Together with our chef Igor Peresson we prepared a course for each and every sense: by manipulating, inhaling, listening, hearing, and tasting we uncovered the mindful side of food, which we easily all overlook.

Five extraordinary women put down all their devices for one evening and focused on what their senses were telling them. Eating and architecture have a lot in common, they are the most multi sensory experiences of our everyday life!

Our workshop “Awaken and feed your senses” is great as a teambuilding event, a New Year’s party, or as a night with coworkers and friends in the comfort of new feelings and exploring your inner self.

We are more than happy to organize such an evening for you, just contact us here. Come to this workshop of culinary meditation and learn to enjoy food again with all of your senses!

Photos taken by: Teja Pahor