“A contemplation into the aesthetics of architecture, the measure of humanity, and the depths of our soul.”

Together we are inspiring others to look at the world in a more meaningful way.

Premium book of 500 copies signed by the artist!

New York  •  Madrid  •  Paris  •  Ljubljana

Body, Imagination, Movement and perception of Space  •  The philosophy of sensation  •  Physical and existential aspects of space
The body of an architect vs. the body of a user  •  A new approach to designing space

Honorable mention at Biennial of Visual Communications!

We thoroughly chose only premium material with our designer Marko Humljan. We used uncoated Munken paper; its smooth surface conveys a natural feel, a “skin to skin” sensation symbolizing the way in which we experience the world around us: primarily through our skin, because all of our senses are based on the skin tissue. The book’s grey surface, symbolizing the concrete we walk on, features an embossed urban yoga figure, a metaphor for the imprint that each citizen places on the world around us.

All proceeds from the books are used for further research and production costs for the The Urban Yoga project. In such way the research can remain entirely independent and transparent continuing to grow in a way that remains focused on inspiring people to look at the magic of urban space, finding their balance and inner peace, not only on their yoga mats, but also on the streets of our buzzing cities. With the continued support of urban yogis, we are breathing new human-oriented life into the efficient and industrial world of urban architecture and design. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.