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Have you noticed how full our cities have gotten? Do you get distracted by the hustle and bustle, to the point where you don’t hear the rustling of branches along their rivers or how silent and solemn the facades are? At our workshop “Architecture is Human: Jože Plečnik and Mindful Spatial Experiencing” we asked ourselves: Is it possible to view and read architecture in a different light?

Plečnik House.
Jože Plečnik at his home.

Together with Copenhagen Architecture Festival and Future Architecture Platform we organised a 4-hour Mindful Spatial Experiencing (MSE) workshop focusing on the corporeal reading of architecture designed by one of Slovenia’s greatest architects Jože Plečnik. Architecture students and curious individuals used their senses and mindful meditation in motion to experience a whole new world of architecture.

Awakening the senses.
Awakening the senses.
Connecting to the surroundings through touch.
Connecting to the surroundings through touch.
Plečnik House.
Spatial Imitiating performed by two young architects.
Spatial Imitating at Plečnik’s Križanke.
Spatial Imitating performed by an architecture student.

Although the human body is the essential prerequisite of all our perception and understanding, thought and action, it has nonetheless often been neglected in the context of architectural reception. The corporal reading of architecture through the senses was subjugated to a more cerebral level of comprehension.

Connecting to space through touch.
Connecting to space through touch.
Walking meditation – Experiencing architecture through touch.

Your senses tell you much more about a city, skyscraper, apartment, house, museum, or park than you realise. By touching, inhaling, and listening we uncover the subtle side of architecture, which we easily all overlook. With a little practice mindful meditation can elevate your spatial sensuousness and give you a deeper experience of space and its ambiance.

Garden at Plečnik House: Pillars from Tromostovje/Triple bridge.
Awakening the senses.
Garden at Plečnik House: Detail.
A whole new world of architecture!:)
Group photo on Plečnik’s bridge in Trnovo. All photos taken David Lotrič and Martin Vogrič Dežman/MAO.

Would you like to meet a tool that intimately informs architects’ innovative approaches to planning? A tool that with the general public changes their point of reference from what kind of environment they think they need to discovering what they really need? Just get in touch – we’d love to design a MSE workshop for you!