What do you feel when your fingers wrap around a smooth wooden handle, shaped by the countless hands that held it before you? How do you feel when your warm back touches the metallic wall of an elevator? What feelings are stirred in your body as you face a stony portal and how much strength do you need to enter into the building? Would you feel different if stone doors were made of plastic? How bold would your stride be when stepping through the dark entrance, lit up by a thin line of light, paving the way to infinity? What does the smell of mint and basil remind you of? Or better yet – how come we are so eager to grow spices on the window shelves of our apartments, soaring over the heart of the city? While waiting for your next destination at the airport, have you ever paid attention to the sounds that surround you? Have you noticed anything pleasant about them? Maybe the music? And how did the sounds make you feel? Surrounded by stores and cafes, glowing and sparkling, tempting you with enticing odors and flavors – could you spend some peaceful time alone? After reaching your final destination – have you ever felt as if you took in all kinds of scents, from the refreshing wipes we use after dinner to the poignant perfumes we spray ourselves with? Days may pass, but our thoughts and memories of the place still float on those alluring smells. All of this constitutes space and all of this defines us – our way of living, thinking and functioning.

Welcome to read more in The Urban Yoga book.All future proceeds from the books will be used for further research and production costs for the second edition of The Urban Yoga project that aims to take an utmost exciting turn! I do this so that The Urban Yoga research can remain entirely independent, self-directed, and transparent. By purchasing a book, you can help The Urban continue to grow in a way that remains focused on inspiring people to look at the magic of space, breathing new human-oriented life into the efficient and industrial world of urban architecture and design – and nothing else. Thanks to everyone for your continued support.

The Urban Yoga Madrid, Photo: Emilio P. Doiztua