The Urban Yoga and Mindful Spatial Experiencing place the individual into the center of space perception and interpretation. We are exploring the way our bodies identify and respond to the space around us, focusing on our subconscious sensory experience. We tend to feel very comfortable with subconscious sensory experience, because we learn it before the verbal language and it is as such our primary means of communication with the world.

While moving through space, we subconsciously measure and mimic spatial configuration, projecting our bodily and mental scheme into space. With our skin, muscles and bones, we experience textures that may caress or rub us; smells and fragrances that can awaken our long-forgotten memories; sounds that envelop us in harmony, rhythm and melody, light that guides, surprises and conceals.

Nakamura and NAP Architecture

Sensing and perception are inherently subjective – regardless of the reality, there is no correspondence with reality other than what we as humans experience. By raising awareness of our delicate sensory and perceptive mechanisms, The Urban Yoga breaks away from the routine and gives new meanings and possibilities to everyday situations in our living environments. For example, did you know that space in which wood elements predominate, feels a couple degrees warmer to us than the exact same space covered in glass?

Nakamura and NAP Architecture

Are you interested in this topic? Take a look at The Urban Yoga Book. All proceeds from the books are used for my further research and for the production costs of the project. In such way The Urban Yoga can remain entirely independent and transparent continuing to grow in a way that remains focused on inspiring people to look at the magic of space, finding their balance and inner peace, not only on their yoga mats, but also on the streets of our buzzing cities. Together we are breathing new human-oriented life into the efficient and industrial world of urban architecture and design. Thanks to everyone for your continued support!